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Easy administrative
business management and invoicing

Making invoices, offers, managing clients in an orderly manner, it costs you a lot of time as a company.
Time that you prefer to spend on something else. View all our handy functionalities.

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Creating and sending online invoices and manage your expenses

Making invoices with CoManage is fun. In really no time, you can create a new invoice. CoManage automatically retrieves the right customer data, adds the correct invoice number and inserts the invoice date. All you have to do is adding products or services to the invoice.

^ From quote to invoice

In one click, you can turn a quote you create in CoManage into an invoice. This is a huge time saver. Since the conversion is done automatically, you do not risk making calculation errors.

^ Sending digital invoices

The moment your invoice is ready, CoManage automatically creates a PDF. You can email it from within CoManage to your customer. Or you can print the invoice and send it by mail.

^ Automatic reminders

Has your customer not paid your invoice yet? In CoManage you can set an automatic reminder, which will then be sent by email to your client.

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Save time with user-friendly features

  • extract contact info from VAT
  • working with subtotals
  • use markdown to format your documents
  • Personalize PDF templates
  • online payment button via Mollie / Stripe (coming soon)
  • Draw up drafts for later invoicing
  • Auto. invoice reminders
  • offer to invoice in one click
  • email tracking
  • auto processing of documents
  • Smart integration
  • send invoices, quotes or reminders by mail
  • no installation required
  • on all your devices
  • bulk export to CSV or PDF
  • create invoices and quotations in different languages and currencies

Manage all your contacts in one central location. Consult them anywhere.

Without your customers, your business would not exist. Even the smallest child knows that. And yet you would be surprised at how many companies do not systematically track their customers data. In the worst case, there is not even a customer base at all.

Adding Customers

With CoManage, you can easily and quickly manage your clients. Adding a customer is done in some seconds. You only need to enter customer data once. When you create a new invoice or a quote for customers you have already entered, all data are automatically included on the right places of your business documents. This is what we call fast and effective.

Adding suppliers

In the same way, you can easily add a supplier to your contact list and thus always have all important contact details of your suppliers at hand. In the future, suppliers will be linked to your incoming invoices. You will then be able to enter the data and immediately link it to a vendor. This way, you will also have crystal clear statistics of your business expenses.

Auto collect data

Add a new contact super fast on the basis of a VAT number. CoManage retrieves the company data automatically via the VIES database.

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Compose and send online offers

Making an offer usually takes a lot of time. Time that is not paid by the recipient of the quotation. And yet, as a company or self-employed person, you can hardly survive without taking this administrative task seriously.

Creating Offers

Drafting a good professional quote usually takes some time. With CoManage, you can do this in practically no time. You can quickly and easily create a new offer with your own logo on it.

Sending offers

When your offer is ready, you can send it as a PDF to your prospect or customer. CoManage keeps track of the expiration date of your business proposal.

More approvals

With CoManage you can react quickly to a quote request. This considerably increases your chances of approval.

Add subtotales to your offers

Do you work with multiple price options and do you want to put all of these together on one offer? Then you can add subtotals to your offers. CoManage automatically calculates everything per subtotal so that you can send a combined offer to your customer.

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Manage your products

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You'll only have to provide your data once

Provide or import your products and services one time only. The built-in search function will allow you to add products and services to your invoices and offers on the fly.

Have your inventory managed for you

You'll no longer have to manage and update your inventory by hand. Add a product to an invoice and we'll update your inventory for you.


Online project management per customer

The growth of your business stands or falls with good project management. As a self-employed person or company, drawing up a good planning is not always easy. Which project do you give priority to? Which projects are delayed? For which projects can you already make an invoice?

Link a project or file to a client

As an entrepreneur, you are most likely often working on multiple projects for the same client. CoManages is the perfect assistant to keep a good overview. You can namely create different projects for every customer and as a result, never lose sight of your priorities.

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Save more time!

Clever integrations allow you to work faster and smarter.
Spend less time setting up configurations and more time accomplishing goals.